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Sunday, June 25, 2006

Icing on Someone's Cake

In this episode I talk with Marty Keil about Icing on somebody's cake. This is a song created on My Virtual Band after the passing of a friend and a great musician Mike Mikerman. In an outpour of love, the MVB community remembers a friend. Gymshoes reminds us in her lyrics to appreciate each other and not to forget to tell the people who touch our lives "Thank you for being the icing on my cake" Icing on Someone's Cake

If you believe in forever and life is just a one night stand. If there's a rock and roll heaven you know they have a hell-of-a band

Mike Mikerman
Rock On

Ronnie Marler
Thomas Diederich
Karl Geisler
Thorsten Huber
Marty Keil


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